Laser Treatment Rooms

Laser Treatment Rooms

Ein Tal has advanced laser treatment rooms outfitted with the world's leading technological equipment for all ophthalmological fields. These are where Ein Tal's specialists treat corneal and retinal conditions, glaucoma, and secondary cataracts.

YAG Laser - treatment for secondary cataracts

After cataract surgery, the patient's vision can sometimes become as blurred as it was prior to the surgery. This is not a new cataract.

The eye's posterior capsule, which is responsible for holding the artificial lens in place, becomes cloudy, which can interfere with visual acuity. This condition is called a secondary cataract and can develop months, and even years, after surgery.

Secondary cataracts are treated with YAG laser technology: the doctor uses a laser to create a tiny hole in the posterior capsule, allowing light to pass through. This takes a few minutes, does not require hospitalization, and is not painful.